Notice: I am now only accepting Family and Life Coaching new clients. This work will be via webcam and will not be reimbursable by health insurance. There are other important differences between coaching and "medical-based" therapy. Contact me for more information.

Couples' conflicts including money & sexual issues; marital communication and conflict; relationship trauma; adult depression; adult anxiety disorders; men and women's gender based issues; family mediation; family therapy; avoiding divorce; structured/planned separations; post-divorce - managing conflict and change; parenting and visitation plans; adolescent & family therapy; problems of extended adolescence including school, work and abuse of drugs/alcohol; evaluations for custody, parenting and anger-related problems, including court-ordered evaluations; clinical supervision, organizational consultation including managing interpersonal "psycho-politics", regualtion of mental health professions, preparing candidates for the MFT licensing examination, continuing education for MFT's.

Professional Credentials:
Licensed Psychologist (Massachusetts, 1977 - 2014), #1477
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (MA, 1992), #355
Approved Supervisor, American Association for Marriage & Family Therapy

Professional Memberships:
Member, Massachusetts Psychological Association
Member, Massachusetts Association for Marriage & Family Therapy
Member, Massacusetts Association of Guardians ad litem ( 2001 - 2012)
Clinical Member, American Association for Marriage & Family Therapy

Appointed & Elected Positions:
MA Dept. of Professional Licensure, Board of Allied Mental Health Professions (2004 - 2013)
President, Massachusetts Association for Marriage & Family Therapy (1990 - 1992)
Delegate, (National) Association of Marital & Family Therapy Regulatory Boards (2004 -

Family Development Associates
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Michael I. Vickers, PhD, LMFT

Family Development Associates
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Framingham, MA 01701
Voice: 508-877-3660 ext. 6
Fax: 508-217-3323

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