Notice: I am no longer providing clinical or counseling services. I continue to manage the Continuing Education program for Marriage & Family Therapists in Massachusetts and the review program for Rhode Island. Contact me for more information.

Couples' conflicts including money & sexual issues; marital communication and conflict; relationship trauma; adult depression; adult anxiety disorders; men and women's gender based issues; family mediation; family therapy; avoiding divorce; structured/planned separations; post-divorce - managing conflict and change; parenting and visitation plans; adolescent & family therapy; problems of extended adolescence including school, work and abuse of drugs/alcohol; evaluations for custody, parenting and anger-related problems, including court-ordered evaluations; clinical supervision, organizational consultation including managing interpersonal "psycho-politics", regualtion of mental health professions, preparing candidates for the MFT licensing examination, continuing education for MFT's.

Professional Credentials:
Licensed Psychologist (Massachusetts, 1977 - 2014), #1477
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (MA, 1992-2015), #355
Approved Supervisor, American Association for Marriage & Family Therapy
(1988 - 2015)

Professional Memberships:
Member, Massachusetts Psychological Association (1985 - 2015)
Member, Massachusetts Association for Marriage & Family Therapy
Member, Massacusetts Association of Guardians ad litem ( 2001 - 2012)
Clinical Member, American Association for Marriage & Family Therapy

Appointed & Elected Positions:
MA Dept. of Professional Licensure, Board of Allied Mental Health Professions (2004 - 2013)
President, Massachusetts Association for Marriage & Family Therapy (1990 - 1992)
Delegate, (National) Association of Marital & Family Therapy Regulatory Boards (2004 -

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Michael I. Vickers, PhD

Family Development Associates
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