Michael I. Vickers, PhD
Family Development Associates
40 Speen St., #106
Framingham, MA 01701
(508) 877-3660 ext. 6
email: m-vickers@comcast.net
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Appointments and Cancellations
Making Appointments | Urgent Appointments | First Appointments
Cancellations | Snow Days


Making Appointments: I make all of my appointments personally. Either email or call (508) 877-3660 ext. 6 to make an appointment. Email can often be the quicker means of communicating. If calling, please leave a few different times for me to get back to you, and be sure to state your phone number twice. Please be patient about return phone calls. It can sometimes take 1 - 2 business days to return routine calls about appointments.

Urgent Appointments: I can participate in resolving emergencies only for individuals and families who are already in treatment with me.

If you already are a client of mine and have an urgent situation, please call my urgent care number at: (508) 648-3415. State your emergency clearly in your phone call and leave a phone number for me to respond to. I will respond as quickly as I can. If you don't hear from me within a few hours, call my office voice mail to see if I am out of town. I will leave the name and number of one of my partners covering for me, if I am away.

If your situation is life threatening or extremely urgent, you should contact your physician, family members and/or your local emergency room for urgent care. In addition, leave a message for me and ask the emergency room to contact me as well.

The best number to use to call for emergency help is always: 911.

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First Appointments: In our first phone call or email exchange, we will discuss the reason for your call and who is involved. We will decide who should attend our first meeting. I will tell you whatever I can about my proposed initial approach so that you will know what to expect. (We will discuss a longer term plan during our first face-to-face meeting.) You will have the opportunity to ask me any questions you have in mind. We will discuss appointment times, fees and health insurance. Please be aware that I am not a participant in most HMO plans. Check my insurance participation here, and ask me for up to date details.

Here are driving directions to my office. There is a small amount of paperwork for you to complete, and some additional information about confidentiality that you should review. Here is the information form for new clients. Here is the confidentiality information. If there is another counselor, physician, attorney or any other professional person you will want me to consult with, you will need to give me written authorization. Here is the form for releasing confidential information.

Please be aware that there are exceptions to your right to confidentiality. We will discuss these exceptions at our first meeting, and I encourage you to ask any questions you have about it then or at any time.

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Cancellations: If you need to cancel an appointment please let me know as soon as you know. If you do not give me 2 business days notice I may need to charge you for the appointment time. If you have a personal emergency or illness we will discuss how to handle it. Certain insurance plans that I have contracts with will not permit me to charge for missed appointments. Others will accept these charges.

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Snow: If I decide to cancel due to snow, I will call you early on the morning of our appointment. I do not necessarily cancel if schools are closed. If you do not hear from me, but you believe it's best for you to not travel in snow, please call to discuss this with me.

For any other questions about appointments or cancellations, please call or email. Thanks!

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